Here’s the bio I include with publications:

“Wynne Leon is an optimist, an enthusiast of endurance sports and a woman intent in charting her own path. Which is a combination that has led to an unconventional life. When she was younger a life of adventure meant climbing mountains, traveling the world and being an entrepreneur. More recently, it’s been starting a family as a single parent at age 46, having another child at age 50 and adopting a highly-strung kitten, even though she really is a dog person. Her writing projects include technical computer manuals, articles about meditation and parenting, and Finding My Father’s Faith, a memoir about spirituality, solace and her relationship with her beloved father.”

I think that what that boils down to here, on this blog Surprised by Joy, is that I’m dedicated to telling stories about life. By writing about what is, it is easier for me to find the meaning, depth, delight and lessons in the little things I see, learn, feel and laugh at in day-to-day life. This practice of processing, sharing and reflecting creates a full circle effect, creating depth and delight in life as it is being observed.

Many of the stories I share on Surprised by Joy involve my young children. Because they show me what it is like to be so fresh from the Source and unapologetically human. This isn’t a parenting blog – but a blog about what I learn what I look closely and see how they develop as people, as siblings, as my children and as a family. Wrapped in all of that is a core of pure love that I want to enjoy more deeply by sharing.

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